Phone Number: 415-484-0067
Area Code: 415
Country: United States
State: California
County: Marin
City: Stinson Beach
Carrier: O1 Communications
Last View: Sep 21, 2020 00:18 AM
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Last Vote: Aug 02, 2020 03:02 AM
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Aug 02, 2020 03:24 AM

I've received 3 calls from this number in July. A female robot voice 36 second message.

Number 415-484-0067 is from Stinson Beach, Mill Valley, California.
Same scam, identical female robot voice 36 seconds.
Different phone numbers with MANY reports: 415-534-0445 415-633-4622

Is anyone doing anything to stop these crooks? Carriers are:
O1 Communications
Pac - West Telecomm
Mcimetro Access Transmission Services

Claiming to be fully licensed and insured? That surely is a crime.

Here is the text of the message from a robot recording site:
Dear residents we would like to take a minute of your time to let you
know we will be in your area over the next few weeks due to a few
construction projects that we will be performing since we will already
have the construction crew working in your area we are offering a special
promotion a 20 percent off any construction work you might need it your
home we offer 0 percent interest free financing and after sending a crew
member to evaluate

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